H&P recognised by HR


H&P recognised by HR

H&P recognised by H

H&P recognised by HR 1

The efforts of Haywood & Padgett during the Covid-19 pandemic have been recognised by the internationally renowned publication HR Magazine (www.hrmagazine.co.uk). They have been focusing on best practise being employed by leading companies across all sectors. Beau Jackson wrote:

“Bakery Haywood & Padgett has maintained all operations throughout the pandemic. To thank its staff during this time, the MD has granted all employees a 10% pay rise.

In a time when bread supplies have been low too, the development team has been making free loaves for people to take home every other day”.

Haywood & Padgett has been proud to continue baking throughout the pandemic and to keep the nation fed. This could not have been done without the incredible hard work that our staff have maintained, even though it has been a very difficult time for all. The safety of everyone has always been paramount to Haywood & Padgett and every measure that could be taken has been implemented.

Let’s hope that things return to something resembling normal very soon and stay safe!


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