Mount Kilimanjaro – Fuelled to Success


Mount Kilimanjaro – Fuelled to Success

On the 17th February six people, all part of the Haywood and Padgett family set out on a mission to conquer Mt Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest point and the WORLD’s highest freestanding mountain. Armed only with a great deal of determination and our New Breakfast Bar (shortly due for release) it was to prove a fantastic and exhausting challenge!

The journey was tough and included long days of trekking steep valleys to reach the daily milestones such as the Lava Tower and scaling the Barranco Wall. Each day was totally different and challenging, especially due to the lack of sleep.

With the ever increasing altitude there is a corresponding decrease in oxygen levels (less than 50% of normal levels at the summit) which meant the ascent had to be slow to ensure everyone acclimatized to the conditions as Altitude Sickness can be fatal! Each night the team camped out grabbing a few hours sleep ready for another climb the next day.

Although the conditions meant that appetites were low the team needed to refuel with carbohydrates and whilst out on the trail they snacked 4 times a day on the new breakfast bars which include slow-release carbohydrates to keep energy levels high throughout the day.

On 23rd February at 8.30am and after five gruelling days the summit, a staggering 5,895metres above sea level, was reached. The final climb had taken 9hours 30 minutes of non-stop effort and with a final pause to enjoy the last of the breakfast bar snacks and also take in the stunning view the mission was almost complete.The descent was the final leg and although much quicker it was no less tiring. Having finally reached the base camp the team were rewarded with a welcome beer and memories that will last a lifetime!