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The company started out in 1985 in the small village of Wombwell under the name of DW Foods. It traded handmade bread, cakes and scones on local market stalls.

The owners at the time were particularly proud of the scones they made and noticed that none of the supermarket giants stocked scones. They were confident they could fill this gap in the market and therefore approached several supermarkets with samples of their products.

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In 1987 they became a limited company and began trading under the name of Haywood & Padgett.

Over 30 years later, Haywood & Padgett Ltd is now the UK’s largest scone manufacturer producing around 6million scones a week and employing more than 150 employees.

The company is now solely owned by the Padgett family, with one half of the original founders Wayne Padgett, as Managing Director. Wayne still works from the bakery and firmly believes that every one of his employees play a vital role in the success of the business. Wayne’s children Rebecca, Luke and Natasha now work for the the company and are committed to ensuring that the family business continues to expand.

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