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In 1985 David Haywood and Wayne Padgett started our journey in the small village of Wombwell, just outside Barnsley in South Yorkshire under the name of DW Foods.


The company was started with a modest investment of £15,000 in rented premises where we baked bread cakes and scones to sell on local market stalls. Wayne could be found hand rolling and cutting 100 scones an hour, which is in contrast to the 60,000 per hour today!


Our scones in particular were a massive hit locally and astonishingly none of the supermarket giants stocked scones.


The next logical step was to ensure that everyone in the country could appreciate our delicious scones so the supermarkets were supplied with samples. They had to agree that they were a treat that the Nation had a right to enjoy and our mission started in earnest.


In 1987 we became a limited company and began trading under the now famous name of Haywood & Padgett.


Things were progressing well for our company and as well as continuing our growth with the markets we were supplying Wholesalers. We had secured business with Gateway Supermarkets who in 1990 sold a number of stores to ASDA. This led to a product listing and demand started to grow.


Although we had continually reinvested in the production facilities and people at Wombwell we were getting to the point where we were exhausting capacity.


In the mid 90’s Wayne and David took the decision to have a purpose built Bakery constructed on the Carlton Industrial Estate in Barnsley. This was a major investment but was needed to be able to bake sufficient scones for the growing base of Supermarkets who wanted our product.


1996 saw the opening of The Bakery and heralded the start of significant growth. There was an increase in staff but as always, we maintained the Family Bakery ethos that had got us to this point.


Demand for our delicious scones continued to grow as well as our customer base. As well as supplying the majority of the major retailers in the UK we also started to export to Europe and incredibly as far afield as Australia!


The strategic decision to continually reinvest in the business and people was maintained and led to the installation of a second oven and bespoke mixing machinery, which was required to meet the ever-increasing demand.


In 2008 one of the Co-founders, David Haywood, decided to retire and the company became solely owned by the Padgett family, which continues to this day.


During 2009 Wayne’s daughter Becky joined the company to continue the Family tradition at The Bakery.


The company’s non-stop growth has accelerated and we are always developing new products and entering new markets.


Our New Product Development Team have produced a Long Life scone in both our Becky’s Bakery brand and our traditional Haywood & Padgett brand. This has been a great success as it gives retailers and consumers the ability to enjoy our scones for longer! The Team have also produced Award Winning scones and continue to keep ahead of the game for new flavours and varieties.


Our scones are now sold through the major retailers in the UK, via Wholesale outlets, in to Foodservice channels, to Multiple Chain Café’s, as well as across Europe, Australia, Japan and America.


You can also enjoy our fantastic and convenient Cream Tea Boxes when you are travelling on Airplanes and Trains. It comes as a complete kit so that you can enjoy a scone with clotted cream and jam wherever you are.


Our Family Tradition still remains at the core of our business and in 2014 Wayne’s son Luke joined the company.


In 2015 there was a further development when Wayne purchased a controlling interest in an exciting new company based in North Yorkshire. Nib Nibs produce a range of innovative savoury snacks. They have seen success in both the Retail Sector and also in the Airline Sector where Haywood & Padgett are already well established.

Going forward we are entering exciting times with the land adjacent to The Bakery being acquired and a planned expansion of the Bakery and Warehouse facilities along with a bespoke separate unit for Nib Nibs.

It is a further demonstration of Wayne’s desire to reinvest in the business and its people. Over the last 30 years it has seen the business grow from 2 people baking in a rented unit to becoming the world’s largest specialist baker of scones producing 6,000,000 delicious scones a week.

All of this has entailed a lot of hard work and a commitment to staying true to our Traditional Family Bakery ethos.

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