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Our new products in the Market

Introducing ‘Becky Bakery’ Toasties and the ‘Traditional cream tea box’, all new products to the Haywood and Padgett scone family…

Haywood Padgett Becky's Bakery 2 Fruit Toasties

Becky’s Bakery Toastie

Baked Fruit Slices with Sultanas and Sweetened Dried Cranberries.
Made by Family Bakers using British Flour.
Just toast and butter me

Suitable for freezing
Suitable for vegetarians

Haywood & Padgett Traditional British Cream Tea Box

Traditional British Cream Tea Box

A Sultana Scone, served with Strawberry Conserve and Clotted Cream.
Packed in our innovative box which conveniently folds out to become a tray,
it also includes a spreader and serviette.
Perfect for the Travel Industry, Convenience Sector, Food service and Food On The Go.

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