We all love them, but how do you pronounce it?


We all love them, but how do you pronounce it?

Scone map of the UKRecently, our NPD maestro John brought ‘The Great Scone Map of the United Kingdom and Ireland’ in to The Bakery. It shows the spread of people who say Scone – to rhyme with ‘cone’ and others who choose Scone – to rhyme with ‘con’, but which is correct?

To achieve an objective answer, we decided that the only thing to do was undertake some extensive and thorough research – so we ‘googled’ it! There are quite a few articles on the subject but the following was on the Oxford Dictionaries site.
They hosted a worldwide poll asking how do you pronounce ‘scone’ – and it proved to be one of their most popular polls, with thousands voting.

When they initially looked at their data it appeared that around half the world say scone one way, just over a third say it another way, 10% think either is correct, and 5% of the world need to care more about pronunciation!

However, there is more to the data than it initially appears.

To break down the data a little further, two countries voted more than the others and there is a difference with which side of ‘the pond’ you live on.

In the USA rhyming ‘scone’ with ‘cone’ is by far the biggest response. However, if you look at the responses gathered from the UK we have gone the other way with the ‘cons’ taking just over half of the vote.

The popularity of the scone is such that it did attract responses from around the globe as well.
Some of the countries who favoured the ‘con’ scone were South Africans, Australians, and New Zealanders but people in Ireland, Italy, Jordan most often rhyme it with ‘cone’.

So, what conclusion do the good people at Oxford Dictionaries come to? Who is right – is it the ‘con’ or the ‘cone’ camp?
For the competitive amongst us the rather frustrating official answer is that as both pronunciations are in common usage neither can be classed as wrong!

However, this does fortunately mean that the next time you are enjoying our delicious scones you can be smug in the knowledge that however you say it and whatever anyone says – you are correct!