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How it all started

In 1987, our founders Wayne Padgett and David Haywood could be found in a small rented kitchen hand-rolling 100 scones a day to sell on a market stall in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

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Whilst we also sold cakes, bread and other products on our stall, our customers would return time and time again to stock up on our delicious scones. We noticed that no supermarkets at the time stocked any scones, so we sent off samples and asked them to try our products.

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Our scones were a hit, and supermarkets began stocking them throughout Yorkshire and, later on, throughout the rest of the UK. Over 30 years later, Haywood & Padgett Ltd is now the UK’s largest scone manufacturer producing around 6 million scones a week and employing more than 180 people. The company is now solely owned by the Padgett family, with Wayne Padgett as Managing Director.

Wayne and his wife Michelle still work in the bakery and both firmly believe that every employee plays a vital role in the success of the business.

The second generation of the Padgett family, Rebecca, Charlotte, Luke and Natasha have all joined the bakery and are committed to ensuring that the family business continues to expand, and most importantly of all, that we continue to produce the delicious, traditional scones that our customers love.

Our Unique History

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