Visiting our new sultana supplier in Qingdao


In March we had the opportunity to visit our new sultana supplier, Kingland. The company are the largest supplier of sultanas in the whole of China, with their headquarters located in Qingdao,  a few hours from Beijing.

We were excited to meet the Director, Mr Wu, and have a look around the factory where most of the cleaning and quality checking of the sultanas takes place.

The company source their sultanas from farms in the west of China. The climate of this region is perfect for growing the grapes that later transform into sultanas – with cold and snowy winters, the grapes are irrigated naturally with ice water, which rids the crop of pests and means the farmers need to use very little to no pesticide. The region is also very hot and dry in the summer so the grapes can be dried out naturally in the sun.

We look forward to continuing to work with Kingland.




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